Discover the World of Hummingbirds

Where are the hummingbirds? I’m so glad you’d like to know!

  • Interested in learning how to create a colorful garden that attracts these “buzzing” creatures?

  • Wondering how to best feed our tiny friends?

  • Want to know about their migration and mating habits?

I invite you to settle in for a rewarding tour of how these small yet important birds eat, migrate, mate, and bring enjoyment to us and beauty to the earth. 

Love at First Sight

The first hummingbird I saw during my childhood backyard adventures would change my life

I remember the first time I saw one of these beautiful birds.

I was only 5 years old.

I had wandered deeper into our yard than I was supposed to.

Suddenly, I saw one buzzing near some flowers and have been fascinated ever since.

I remember as a child wanting to see that small bird again. I never did see it but I’ve been “in love” ever since.

I’m sure you have a similar story about how you’ve come to be fascinated by hummingbirds.

Everything about these incredible flying jewels is fun to learn and understand:

  • How they're such individualist birds and the way this affects their mating & migration habits

  • The way they protect their food sources...they're so territorial!
  • How they can eat up to or more than 3 times their weight every day

  • How such tiny little birds can fly distances greater than 500 miles without stopping

  • The way in which they select their food sources

  • How some species know which flower has already been exhausted of its nectar

  • How some species will eat right from your hand!

  • The way they know how to navigate during migration season

  • How newborns know how to fly and where to go so soon

  • And so much more...

Let's Get Started

I’m excited you’re here so why don’t we begin your journey?

attracting hummingbirds

How to Attract Hummers

Hummingbird Habitat

hummingbird food and feeder tips

Food & Feeder Tips

Extended List of Flowers

learn to create your own hummingbird garden

How to Grow a Garden

Hummingbird  Mating

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