Best Hummingbird Garden Plants

Let’s look at the top hummingbird garden plants that will attract a “buzz” of activity for you to enjoy.

Hummers love the color red but that doesn’t mean every flower must be this color.

If you find plants that flower in red, pink, orange and purple (and to a lesser extent, white & yellow), you’ll attract flying jewels with no problems at all.

Besides color, focus on tubular shaped flowers.

Hummingbirds find them most valuable.

Top Hummingbird Plants

(for more info on Zones mentioned below, please see & PlantHardiness)

Red-hot Poker (Torch Lily)

Red-hot Poker (Torch Lily) flower

This plant has a unique shape & is also known as “torch lily”. Ranging from yellow at the base to red at the tip, it will also have tints of white and orange.


Botanical Name: Kniphofia

Zones: 5-9

Size: Ranges from 1-6 feet tall, 1-3 feet wide

Light: Full sun w/ some shade

Growing Conditions: Sandy, well drained soil.

Bloom Time: Late spring to fall

Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Great option to get your hummer garden started. Usually, you’ll find red bee balm colors but white, pink and violet are also available. These hummingbird garden plants have a minty, sweet fragrance. You can even use the flowers and leaves in your salad.


Botanical Name: Monarda didyma

Zones: 4-9

Size: 3-4 feet tall, up to 2 feet wide

Light: Full sun, although some shade is OK

Growing Conditions: Don’t set them too close together. Leave at least a foot and a half between each. They’ll spread out nicely. Keep watered so soil is moist, yet well-drained.

Bloom Time: Summer


Hollyhock flower

Since they grow up to eight feet these hummingbird garden plants will provide a great overall presence. These funnel shaped flowers will brighten up your space with colors such as white, pink, red, yellow and violet…and they’ll attract those hummers!

Biennial (Won’t flower until year 2)

Botanical Name: Alcea rosea

Zones: 3-9

Size: Up to 8 feet high, 1-3 feet wide

Light: Full sun

Growing Conditions: Keep soil well-drained. Best to place them against a building wall or fence to provide support.

Bloom Time: Early to mid-summer



No matter where you live in N. America, you’ll be able to grow mostly red and yellow bell-shaped Columbine flowers to attract hummers. Other colors include pink, purple, blue and white.


Botanical Name: Aquilegia canadensis

Zones: 3-9

Size: 1-3 feet tall, 6-24 inches wide

Light: Part/full shade to full sun

Growing Conditions: Well-drained, moist soil is needed.

Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer



Long evergreen foliage combined with red/pinkish flowers.


Botanical Name: Heuchera

Zones: 3-9

Size: 1-3 feet high, 6-30 inches wide

Light: Some shade

Growing Conditions: Great for borders, beds and in containers, as well as groundcover. Need well-drained soil

Bloom Time: Spring to summer

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flower

Native to N. America Cardinal flower will brighten your hummingbird garden with its bright red flowers and dark green leaves.


Botanical Name: Lobelia cardinalis

Zones: 3-9

Size: 3 feet high, 1-2 feet wide

Light: Partial to full sun

Growing Conditions: Needs moist, fertile soil. Combine with bee balm for lots of red!

Bloom Time: Mid to late summer


Foxglove flower

Wonderful tall tubular spikes of white, purple, pink and yellow make for fantastic hummingbird garden plants.

Biennial (Won’t flower until year 2)

Botanical Name: Digitalis family

Zones: 3-9

Size: 1-6 feet high, 1-3 feet wide

Light: Part sun

Growing Conditions: Well-drained, moist, rich soil and afternoon shade. Should be placed where they won’t receive much wind resistance. Great combo with coralbells.

Bloom Time: Early summer

Trumpet Vine

Red Trumpet Vine

Hummingbirds absolutely love Trumpet Vine! Use a sturdy trellis, fence or tree as weak structures can be pulled down by it. Offers wonderful orange flowers.


Botanical Name: Campsis radicans

Zones: 4-9

Size: Can grow up to 40 feet

Light: Full sun

Growing Conditions: Doesn’t need fertilizer and can grow in soil that’s moist to dry.

Bloom Time: Summer


Red Salvia

Red Salvia will provide your garden extra “pop”. Some folks call it the “firecracker plant”. Although you’ll find these are mostly red you can also find colors such as purple, cream and salmon.


Botanical Name: Salvia splendens

Zones: Annual, so all zones

Size: 8-30 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide

Light: Full sun. If extra hot, provide some shade

Growing Conditions: Can even be grown during draughts, but best to keep soil cooled and moist by using mulch.

Bloom Time: Summer into fall

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

It might be named after butterflies but hummingbirds love this one. Has a fruity scent. Comes in pink, blue, white and purple. Where it’s warmer you’ll find that Butterfly Bush grows into actual trees


Botanical Name: Buddleia

Zones: 6-9

Size: Up to 15 feet high, up to 8 feet wide

Light: Full sun

Growing Conditions: Well-drained, moist soil is needed. Combines well with bee balm.

Bloom Time: Summer

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